Marc R Effron

Providing Peace of Mind in Addiction Treatment

Marc Effron spent 20 years in the financial industry in annuity and mutual fund sales. During this part of his career, he served as the vice president of a major investment company and ran divisions/teams. Speaking to his natural abilities, he became a keynote speaker for half of that career. In his own life, Mr. Effron has had personal struggles with addiction and has been clean for over a decade. In this time, he realized there wasn’t a facility that if any of his kids became addicted that he would feel comfortable sending them to. He knew what he was capable of with his sobriety and coming from his professional background that he could put together a facility that meets the needs of those seeking sobriety and maintain their livelihoods.

Mr. Effron felt it in his heart to open the Legacy Healing Center, recognizing the big void in behavioral health after conducting research and learning the laws and meeting people in his community. In this respect, he realized there wasn’t anyone like him in Florida and he became committed to making a company that fosters the ideas the Legacy Healing Center facilitates. With more than 14,585 programs in the country, it’s still not enough to treat the addiction epidemic, but Mr. Effron knew with his established leadership qualities he could put together a talented staff of medical and critical staff. With this, he has carried the visions that have helped people stay sober. Legacy Healing Center is a comprehensive addiction treatment and behavioral health provider based on an individualized client-centered approach, designed to build hope, create a stable support network to achieve long-term health and healing. The Center has a holistic approach to healing through psychotherapy, psychopharmacology, exercise and nutrition. It’s a program that offers an opioid alternative to chronic pain management in the form of physical therapy, acupuncture and massage therapy. The Center now has 161 employees and they are the sole provider for mental health training for American Airlines. Mr. Effron attributes his success to his employees and not watering down the vision of why he opened the Legacy Healing Center in the first place.

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